I am going to explain to you why many people fall by the wayside and leave the Sales Profession.  The terrifying aspect of selling that brings strong sales professionals to their knees.  Prospecting! The reason is because it is hard work, difficult to do, unless you have been taught and learn, the professional way of Prospecting from day one.  Some sales professionals dread prospecting, the reason the word itself sounds hard sounds difficult.  That is because of our perception. The perception is conjured up by scenes in our head.  If I said don’t imagine what a prospector looks like, what is the first thing that comes into your head. 

What do you imagine is the lifestyle of a prospector? You see in your mind’s eye an arduous working life, one of hardship, one of depredation but what of the rewards? 

A Nugget of Gold and that is the reward you obtain a Nugget in the form of a potential client.  So the perception in the Sales Profession is that prospecting is difficult.  If today you think prospecting is difficult it will be.  In this blog and future blogs, I am going to debunk the myth it is difficult or unrewarding.   

  1. Prospecting has to become a way of life.  For those of you who have never had a brush with the Profession of Selling may be asking what is Prospecting for clients.  We have established that you know what prospecting for gold is.
  2. PROSPECTING: Is the art of sourcing and identifying people who you want to do business with.  And I will clarify right from this moment you don’t want to even consider doing business with everybody. REASON: Not everybody can afford your services. Not everybody you speak to will like you or be a nice person. And more importantly you may not like the person so why would you want to do business with them, when there are so many nice people around. Nice people who like you and can afford you and want to do business with you.

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Planning For The Future


I have for many years always taken off most if not the whole of October to plan how much I am going to earn in commission the following year. At the same time I plan my work life balance.  Over the years I have met salespeople who have no idea how much they are going to earn or more importantly are going to get paid, in the following year.  They have given answers like “I brought in £X this last year so I expect to get paid £X next year. If you only earn the same next year as you do this year you are not standing still you are going backwards. I have often thought if you don’t increase your profit by a minimum of 15% you are standing still. A real concern is often they are not sure if that is turnover or profit.

How would you like to learn a skill that will ensure you know how much you will earn and be paid next year and even learn a little selling skill that after you have made the sale you can increase the sale by a minimum 5%.

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