About Me


I am a top class Professional Salesman I thought that title would never change however with all the Political Correctness I now have to title myself a Professional Salesperson.  45 years ago a Sales Manager announced me as a Born Salesman, this was meant as a compliment.  As far as I was concerned that was wide of the mark.  I have read many copies of The Times Newspaper, Hatches, Matches and Despatches Column. Births Marriages and Deaths. Every day there would be announcements that a Beautiful baby girl had been born……

A beautiful baby boy had been born…. I never ever saw a Beautiful Born Salesman has been born……

It wasn’t a compliment I have spent 60 years honing my skill as a top class Professional Salesperson and now I want to share those skills with you before I die.

I don’t always make the sale which is a good outcome, the  result of  not closing a sale gives me the opportunity to review what I did right and what I should do differently.

Throughout these pages I will attempt to suggest to you how you can become a top class Salesperson in the  greatest profession ever.

You will come to realise the Oldest Profession is also the Greatest Profession.  Professional Selling.  What gives me the right to suggest the profession of selling is  better than any other profession?  I firmly believe that statement because:

‘Nothing Happens Until A Sale Is Made’.